5line Records.

2010-09-01 01:51:10 by SlaveLabor

Looking to be signed by an actual label?

Well, we have JUST that, for you. What's even better is that we are local NG'ers. Loki, the creator of 5line Records, is looking to help you out with your music. We have the equipment to work with you and your music, so you can share your work with the world. All you need to do is contact Loki, Gravey, or myself and we'll be willing to help you.

Remember, we're here for you, not the other way around. Our sole purpose for being a label is to get your music out there without ruining your life or your music in any way. Take a look at our website, and if you're interested let one of us know.

5line Records

Enough is enough...

2010-08-28 00:45:19 by SlaveLabor

I removed all of my music that sounds "fake". So you fuckers don't have to complain.

You know its funny, you fuckers are SO quick to complain when it comes to quality, but maybe you should think that people have great ideas for music but DON'T have the equipment you fuckers do. Criticism is a bitch, yea I know, but you don't call my music fake. That shit ain't right. I work hard on my music, I bust my ass, it'd be nice to get some sort of helpful hints to making my music sound LESS "fake".

But whatever, fuck you. You won't be hearing my shit for a while, or until I can please you fucking faggots.

I hope you all go to hell, fuckers.

Working on a Collab.

2010-07-11 19:10:41 by SlaveLabor

That's right people, I'm not out of the game JUST yet, I'm working on a collab with a fellow NG'er, BirkaBirkowski. Unfortunately he doesn't have any submissions but our collab may be the first. Keep checking back with updates.

Removing Destructive Paths

2009-04-29 10:17:00 by SlaveLabor

Whenever newgrounds allows me to Remove it. I'm going to remove destructive paths because apparently my account was hacked and now I can't edit the information on the song, the description was changed to I had sex tonight... and removed what I originally had posted that it was an actual cover for a song that I didn't know. As in, I didn't know the artist, or the name of the song, it was a song that I found under Metallica - St. Anger. But since no one can read, I'm just going have to remove it.

To shut people up.

2009-02-02 16:12:19 by SlaveLabor

I am sick of getting mail from people that are calling me a Thief, for stealing music. I have NEVER stolen music from another artist and marked it as my own.

The people accusing me of fraud's only excuse is the sound difference between my other submissions and Destructive Paths.

First off, the other submissions I've released, in reality, took me like 2 weeks to make. Then I recorded it in a day. Destructive Paths, as a whole, took me close to 6 months because of the fact that it's an unknown song, with an unknown band. So that means I didn't have any tabs, I had to do everything by ear. Destructive Paths was more or less a test for myself to see if I was capable of writing my own music. And all I decided to do was upload it to Newgrounds for people to hear.

However, if you know who the artist and song is, please tell me so I can give them all the credit in the world for making the most badass song ever, available for people to hear.

That's all I have to say, please get off my ass about stealing music. Maybe you should get better at creating music before you go bashing people with talent.


Need a drummer for a song? Came to the right place.

2009-01-02 10:46:53 by SlaveLabor

If you're struggling to get the drums for your song sounding real, well you came to the right place. For a short period of time (January - March) , I will be offering my Drumming services to you. Within this time, I should be getting a lump of requests, added to the ones I'm working on now. Like Sonofkirk, and netty-swobb, to name a couple. When sending me your song, please include the following:

What type of drums you want (Rock, Metal, Upbeat, slow.)

The tempo in which the guitar or track was recorded in. (This is very important, I'm very picky on tempo.)

And obviously the link to the song.

Also keep in mind, that when you do send me a request it will take some time. I have college, work, and other submission I'm working very hard on. So request away, and check out my stuff.